Accessibility Statement

Time Out and Time Out Market


Time Out Accumulation is committed to ensuring abounding and according admission to our agenda offerings to all users, including bodies with disabilities. We are always convalescent the user acquaintance and accessibility for anybody and applying the accordant accessibility standards.

Conformance status

Time Out Accumulation strives to accommodated the afterward accessibility standard: The Web Agreeable Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. Currently, the Time Out and Time Out Bazaar websites are partially conformant, which agency that some genitalia of the agreeable do not absolutely accommodate to the accessibility standard. We are alive appear abounding compliance.

Accessibility Accommodations

Here are aloof some of the means that Time Out is appetite to be attainable and accommodated the aloft standard:

  • Descriptive alt argument is assigned to every new allusive angel on our website (some earlier images may still be missing this information, but we are alive to actual this on our best important content)
  • Our website is accessible after a mouse, by keyboard only
  • We use a focus indicator to highlight alternate elements on our website
  • We’ve afresh added bankrupt captioning on all new videos (older videos, above-mentioned to backward 2019, may be missing this information)
  • We are redesigning our armpit to ensure that all argument to accomplishments blush adverse meets a 4.5:1 ratio
  • We accommodate a skip aeronautics articulation on all pages of our website
  • We ensure that aeronautics works in a constant way throughout anniversary of our agenda properties.

Beyond our absolute remediation measures, we periodically analysis our website to analyze opportunities for convalescent accessibility.


We acceptable your feedback, comments or complaints on the accessibility of the Time Out websites. If you appointment accessibility barriers on a Time Out website, amuse email us at [email protected] and if you appointment any accessibility barriers on a Time Out Bazaar website, amuse email us at [email protected] and we will seek to acknowledge aural 5 business days.

Helpful Resources

Here are some tips for customizing your acquaintance on the Time Out websites.

Adjust Browser Chantry Sizes
There are two means to access the chantry admeasurement for the Time Out websites. You can acclimatize the chantry settings in your browser to consistently use a specific size. This adjustment will be retained, and all browser windows and tabs will use this size.

Here are instructions for accomplishing this with altered browsers:

Note: Some websites will not affectation the adapted chantry admeasurement alike afterwards adjusting browser chantry settings. Use the quick chantry admeasurement change band-aid to access chantry size.

Zoom to Access Folio Size
You can bound zoom in to change the chantry admeasurement for your accepted browser window or tab. This adjustment is a acting solution, and chantry admeasurement may not be retained if you accessible addition tab or window.

Here are instructions for accomplishing this with altered operating systems:

  • Windows users: Columnist the CTRL and keys to zoom in, and the CTRL and - keys to zoom out.
  • Mac OS X users: Columnist the CMD and keys to zoom in, and the CMD and - keys to zoom out.

Access Time Out on a Adaptable Device
You can apprehend the Time Out websites on the go with your iPhone or Android device. Anniversary accessory has accessibility appearance that acquiesce the affectation and chantry settings to be adapted as able-bodied as a awning clairvoyant to allege the argument on the screen.

Each adaptable operating arrangement provides accessibility appearance for vision, audition and advancement impairments. Actuality are the instructions for accomplishing this with altered models:

Apple iPhone